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UCS PRESS Announces New Book 'Into God's Country,' a True Story of a Believer's Passage to Heaven

Dreams and Visions Show a Believer's Passage to Heaven; Georgia Man Writes Book to Help People Conquer Their Fear Of Dying

PRESCOTT, Ariz. - September 21, 2017 - (

Arizona-based UCS PRESS announced the forthcoming True Story, "Into  God’s Country," by Georgia business executive Eric Stogner with veteran  author Jim Dobkins.

The book will be published November 10. A one-month, advance-order  sale will begin September 24 and continue through October 23. Those who  advance-order the book will get a 20% discount off the $15 trade  paperback edition, and free shipping within the U.S. Books will  be autographed by Stogner. A copy of the manuscript will be  electronically sent to those who advance-order. Go to for details.

Stogner's experience begins with a dream in which he believes he was  assured that his cancer-stricken wife, Katie, would soon leave him and  be taken to heaven. Others told him they also had dreams and visions  confirming his own, one of which was a vision of Katie dancing with  Jesus.

As a result of his and the others' dreams and visions, Stogner's  personal perception of God changed from a belief that God initiated  events in the universe, including people's lives, then retired from  them, to a view that God is personal--and that he cares about the  moment-by-moment details of everyone's life and experiences.

"I used to believe that visions, dreams, and miracles only happened  back in biblical times," he said. "Now, I understand things differently.  I have come to understand things happen differently. I can't tell you  the number of Divine interruptions in my life since my dream. I used to  flinch when others would say these things. Now, I know I was wrong," he  said.

Stogner's beliefs have led him to tell his own story, a story in  which no one need fear death for themselves. He says that he has come to  peace and understanding about the ways in which God does things.

"Into God's Country" is his account of what he believes about Divine  Intervention and how it has happened in his and others' lives in  opportune moments.

For example, he says, he knows of a 10-year-old girl who visited his  wife when she was in hospice care. When Mrs. Stogner passed, the girl  said she saw an angel as she lay on the floor of her room while looking  at the ceiling. The girl told him that the angel looked like a younger,  healthy "Mrs. Katie" and she had a wonderful message for her. "Don't be  afraid," the Angel said. "Heaven is wonderful. I can't wait to see you  here." Stogner reveals in the book an unexplainable occurrence in the  aftermath of the girl's experience, one that neither the girl nor he  were prepared for.

Stogner concluded, "This is a book for everyone, no matter what they  believe. If they don't believe in heaven now, maybe they will after reading 'Into God's Country."


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UCS PRESS Announces New Book 'Into God's Country,' a True Story of a Believer's Passage to Heaven