Author's Note

It had been almost five years since the first diagnosis. Five years of my wife and I riding the rollercoaster of illness and remission that is typical of the life-altering crisis of cancer...

I knew that death loomed. But I had no way of knowing how much longer the journey would last or that it would all be over in less than four months.

I also had no idea that God would explode onto the scene, BOOM.

Everything changed. My world was never again the same.

I had an encounter with God in a new and powerful way through a dream that was like nothing I had ever heard about or experienced.

It radically changed my life, and my wife’s last four months. But God didn’t stop there. He also burst into the lives of four other adults and a l0-year-old girl – all of whom had dreams or visions from God about the passing of my wife, Katie. They all occurred in the weeks leading up to and immediately after her death. Each of these separate experiences brought powerful messages of comfort. They also revealed incredible images of what happens in the spiritual realm when a Believer in Christ passes from this life to the next.

It sounds astonishing to describe, but we were each shown a portion of my wife’s journey Into God’s Country: Heaven.

In my dream I was dramatically assured everything was ready for my wife’s welcoming into Heaven.

God creatively showed me that He is not an impersonal God. Rather, He cares for us, and is at work in the details of our lives.

You can read the Introduction and find out what my concept of God was like before the dream shattered everything I thought I knew about God. As I experienced my dream, I was sent on an emotional ride that raced from amazement to anger and feeling I’d been kicked in the gut to a place of unimaginable peace and not wanting the dream to end.

In the days and weeks that followed, I was overwhelmed and amazed as I learned of and heard about the dreams and visions others were having about the same events. Though the dreams focused around the very personal details of the passing of my wife, when you stepped back and heard all the dreams told collectively in the order that they occurred, it became clear that they told a very universal and complete picture of God’s love and concern about our lives. And showed us what we, as Christians, have been given and have to look forward to. It became clear that this story was much bigger than just a personal story that applied only to my family, but it was THE UNIVERSAL story that applies to all who are members of God’s family.

Like everybody else, all Christians will die, but we will also all be raised and live again – forever, in Heaven. This is the essence and bottom line of what it means to be a Christian. We all have souls that live forever and the wondrous stories and promises we have heard about concerning Heaven and how to get there are all marvelously true. This book recounts the words and images we were collectively shown and serves to pull back the vale that obscures this mysterious and often fearful transition on the pathway to Heaven.

I am not so much writing my story, as I am simply relating to you the story God has told and revealed to me and through the events I was honored to experience. Also, remember that I am not only telling what happened to me but I am revealing something of your story, as a Believer. My hope for fellow Believers in Christ who read this God-inspired book, is that your Faith and Hope of everlasting life and Salvation will be strengthened and deepened and any fear you may have of death will be obliterated.

If you are not a Believer, my earnest hope is that you will gain an urge to explore the Bible in search of the True living God who unconditionally loves you and has a plan and a hope for your future.

Eric Stogner