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Amanda Llewellyn, Multi-Award Winning Writer and Producer

"I was so blessed by 'Into God’s Country'. What happens when you put God into a box? Well, He is not only IN the box but He is nearly everywhere OUTSIDE the box as well…surprise! It is amazing to me that the God of the Universe seeks out unique and personal opportunities to communicate  His great love, affection, concern and care for us in so many ways. This book encapsulates this amazing communication  of care and comfort to, not just one man in his loss, but to an entire group of people telling the same story from different viewpoints of what  the transition from our fragile earthly bodies to our heavenly lives will be like when you are in Christ Jesus. The riches of the experience and the security of our destination are so ingrained on every page of this truly lyrical book. Most of the time you describe a book as a “page  turner” because of action and suspense like a thriller but this is a thriller of a whole other kind! This is a great "must read” and then “buy-for-a-friend” that I have come across in a long, long time! Kudos,  gentlemen on this translation of God’s intervention into our world to send a message of His loving care by turning our mourning into dancing." 

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Russ Breault, President, Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc.

Into God’s Country is a remarkable journey from a complacent faith to one that is battle-tested through adversity and grief. Eric Stogner’s story of how God prepared him and his wife Katie for her eventual passing from this life to the next is a story of God’s grace and how it truly is possible to find joy even in the shadow of death. Months before she died, Eric was given a ninety-minute vision of heaven. His glimpse of eternity was confirmed by five other people who received either a dream or vision related to Katie’s graduation to glory. Eric’s story rings true and powerful. If you or a loved one are troubled about dying and where you will spend eternity, you will find this book a tremendous encouragement. It offers a sure hope for an eternal future allowing you to face the unknown darkness of death with faith, hope and even joy for what lies beyond the veil of this life.”

Dorothy Bullard, retired; Prescott, Arizona

“I love your book! It is well written, and really speaks to the reader – in a way that it feels like it’s from the Holy Spirit at times, and in a way that inspires me to be more open to hearing His voice. I feel like I'm there with the people who are having these experiences.”